Renfro’s Alaskan Wilderness Adventures

The Ultimate Opportunity to Experience the Vast Pristine Wilderness of Alaska First Hand!
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We have an amazing group of highly knowledgeable guides and pilots who make up our organization. We all love the outdoors and consider it a great privilege to be out in the vast pristine wilderness of the Kilbuck Mountains. We want to share it with like-minded people like YOU who want to see one of the last truly pristine places on earth.

Wade Renfro

Renfro’s Alaskan Wilderness Adventures offers both guided and unguided wilderness trips.

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Renfro’s Alaskan Wilderness Adventures the Vast and Pristine Wilderness of Alaska

Operating in the Kilbuck Mountains, Renfros’ Alaskan Adventures offers backcountry enthusiasts the ultimate opportunity of experiencing the wilds of Alaska first hand. Whether your pleasure is camping from a single base camp along the shores of a clear mountain lake or backpacking across literally hundreds of miles of remote Alaskan wilderness and ending up at the foot of an ancient glacier, or paddling on the hundreds of miles of remote rivers and lakes; the choice is yours as the area that we operate in is approximately 1500 square miles of remote Alaskan wilderness, where the natural environment has remained virtually untouched and unseen by people.

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Due to the extreme remoteness of our area, you will experience the magnificence of the Alaskan wilderness in all its wild splendor!

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From the ragged mountain peaks to the lush valley floors, this is the true wilds of Alaska and as such be prepared to see an endless variety of wildlife, including the brown bear in their natural environment.

Given the vast range of experiences available on this adventure, Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures will work to create a customized backcountry experience for our clients as a stand alone package or as part of a complete outdoor package as a guided or unguided experience.

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