Greetings from Colorado! I hope that this letter finds you and your family well. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for all you did to make our Kisaralik trip so fantastic. From the moment we landed in Bethel, you really looked out for us and accommodated our every need while we waited for flyable weather. Thank you so much! We loved the Kisaralik so much that we have all taken a vow of secrecy, and refer to the Kisaralik as "Pete's Creek". You might see us back in Bethel next summer to float Pete's Creek or another one of your YK Delta rivers. Hope you have a successful fall season and we look forward to flying with you again.

Jonathan ForeDenver, CO

I wanted to pass along a world of thanks for an incredible fishing adventure and the great time you showed me and my brother last week. Having been to Alaska half a dozen times on fishing adventures, Barry and I were expecting pretty good fishing and some beautiful landscape. I wasn't expecting the best fishing I have ever done, seen, or heard of. The quality, quantity and variety of fish you put us on was beyond anything we could have imagined. Doubles and triples every day didn't make my list of expectations prior to the trip. Also not on my list of expectations; the class A accommodations and service we experienced. The camp was immaculate. The meals were delicious. The service orientation and exceptional good nature of your staff made us feel comfortable and welcome. Meeting a six-time repeat customer in camp also spoke volumes to the quality of your operation. This trip is the kind of thing that fishing TV shows are made of. Ha! Can't wait to relive the whole experience with the show is done. Barry and I will surely be back to see you. Next time we'll bring some friends, because they'd never believe the stories we could tell them. They'll have to experience it for themselves. Thanks so much for the best fishing trip ever!

Tom MatlackSt. Paul, MN

We want to thank you for setting us up with such a GREAT float trip. The scenery and wildlife viewing were awesome and we did not see another person for the first four days. Of course, the fishing was terrific as well. At the top of the river, we caught trout and grayling on almost every cast, and then averaged over 20 king salmon per day on the mid to lower river. The information you provided before the trip really helped with packing and preparations, and the river you recommended turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. We will be contacting you soon to start planning next summer's adventure. Thanks again!

Troy Ritter & Jeff SevernAnchorage, AK & Pine Top, AZ

As a wilderness guide, I've had the pleasure of intimate back-country travels throughout much of Alaska?s remote sectors. The landscape of the Kilbuck region, was strikingly similar to regions I've explored elsewhere within the Brooks Range, except for one important element: human encounters are rare in the Kilbuck region. I?m intrigued by the spiritual experiences gathered in this vast wilderness, and also elated to have bush access enabled by Renfro's professional crew. This landscape truly provides boundless opportunities for uncorrupted wilderness travel, and the ethics and competencies demonstrated by Wade Renfro and his team only served to enhance the flavor of grandeur.